Vegan Travel Tips

Traveling Vegan can be tough when you are visiting new places. One thing to keep in mind is that all restaurants have vegetables. So even a baked potato dry can work. Not as exciting as some dishes though. You can always ask for an all veggie salad too without the extra non-vegan items they throw on it. Steamed veggies go great on top of a dry potato too.

If you are going to be in a location for more than a day, it might be a great idea to do a little research before you go.

I personally haven’t found any GREAT apps to use for this. Even Happy Cow is limited. Although, it is one of the better apps to use. Vegan Eating Out is another app to try out. It lists restaurants (e.g. Boston Market/Carrabbas Italian Grill) and items on the menu that are Vegan. There use to be a great Vegan app for the area you were in and it was a map showing you where each place is and I haven’t been able to find that app again since getting my phone replaced.

Now the Loving Hut is 100% Vegan cuisine and it is located throughout the USA and Internationally.

Another option of course is to be aware where stores such as Whole Foods might be in the area you are visiting in the U.S. or a Trader Joe’s. Both these stores have Vegan options. If you are in some place like Taos, New Mexico you will be closer to Cid’s which is a great health food market. Of course just about any grocer carries fruits and veggies. Consider the local farmer’s market as well. There are some amazing farmer’s markets.

Circle Our Earth has so many great Vegan Travel Resources.

It’s always good to take tree nuts and seeds to snack on the plane too. Any fruit or raw veggie you can take as well.

When flying and you have layovers you may be limited at the airport for vegan-friendly options. However, when I was at the Chicago O’hare airport I discovered Argo Tea Cafe, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (pretzel without butter – order fresh), Cibo Express, Burrito Beach & Cafe Zoot all had vegan-friendly options.

Always keep in mind that your concierge at your hotel may have options for you. If you aren’t staying at a hotel, just visiting one of the larger hotels concierge desk could save you some headaches of trying to locate vegan-friendly options.

Another option are juice bars. Pack in those micronutrients with your fresh pressed fruit or veggie juices.



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