Las Vegas: Vegans, get ready for a feast

Reporting from Las Vegas ——

There’s only a one-letter difference between “Vegas” and “vegan,” but until recently the two could not have been further apart. For years, the best herbivore option in Sin City has been a nondescript shop on Spring Mountain Road called Ronald’s Donuts that sells vegan doughnuts.

Imagine my excitement when all 150 pounds of me read that Steve Wynn, the man behind the Encore and Wynn resorts, had gone vegan and mandated that the restaurants at these hotels have vegan menus, although I assumed that meant boring salads with pre-packaged carrot sticks, soggy tofu and absolutely no nutritional value.


Vegan chef Tal Ronnen, with whom Wynn collaborated to create the menus, said he’s seeing a change in attitude toward vegan dining not only in Las Vegas but in the rest of the country as well.

“I think it’s slowly changing,” Ronnen said. “In North America, the word ‘protein’ is almost always synonymous with ‘meat’ and vice versa. But chefs I’ve spoken to across the U.S. are getting more requests for vegan items. [In Las Vegas] we’ve heard that most of the big properties have started offering vegan menus.”

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